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Listed below your find a small selection of videos

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Dance & Vocal Show Reel

Dance. See many dance perform


Vocal. Selection of Belle's cover versions

Belle has taken some popular songs and made them her own,  but her long term goal is her very own track [...]

Show Reel One. Official current dance show reel

This show reel is a dance only show reel [...]

Vocal Show Reel. Official Current Vocal show reel

Selection of various cover songs, with Belle's own interpretation of the original songs [...]


TV & Music Videos

VIDEO HERE SOON. From TV dance shows to the BBC & ITV News

Various footage from Music Video's, TV Shows and more....



Live Performances

VIDEO HERE SOON. Stage and TV Performances from UK, Europe & USA

View some of Belle's live performances from around the globe



VIDEO HERE SOON. Footage of Belle's Choreography for soloist, duos, groups, teams for competitions, shows, tv, music videos

View some of Belle's choreography from the young age of 14yrs to present day


VIDEO HERE SOON. View footage of various workshops provided by Belle

Footage of workshops from Belle


Competition Footage

VIDEO HERE SOON. From competitions from around the globe

Footage from dance competitions