Az A Dancer Who Inspires Me

 The day I met Azza, I learnt from him!



Above: Me With Azza during my workshop at Street Fusion

This is not a story, its real life, its something that made me think, even though I am only young myself, this encounter made me realise how lucky I am.

In February 2012 during a half term I travelled up to Stockton On Tee's to visit a Street Dance School known as Street Fusion, show them some moves, freestyle with them, have some fun and meet these dancers who has been sending me messages.


There was this lad who caught my attention, he was rather good, not only at dance but in expressing himself.

I remember commended him on the day, but was not aware of what this particular person had gone through to even be in the same room as me dancing.


I suppose we all assume that everyone is just the same as us, but for this lad Aaron A.K.A. Az who started dancing in July 2011 with Street Fusion to try and loose a little weight and to help his fitness, his life has been somewhat different.


Az has been overweight since the age of 3, he was diagnosed with arthritis which has since spread from his ankles to all of his lower body joints. He also has to take a lot of medication as he suffers from server asthma witch also makes him gain weight, as you can imagine this resulted in constant bullying and nasty remarks at school and when just our in the street.

Despite all this Az decided he was going to stick to his dance and wanted to enter a competition he was placed 5th as a newcomer in Newcastle at a UDO Event in October 2011.

Two weeks after this and nothing related to him dancing or attending the competition he was diagnosed with slipped femoral epiphysis this means his hip slipped, this resulted in a 4 hour operation and 12 weeks in a wheelchair he missed two competitions during this time although he did go and support his fellow dancers from Street Fusion but he was very upset and it caused him to feel really down. He refused to go out and see friends, but he decided that it was not going to effect his love of dance and made a promise to himself he would heal and come back bigger, better and Stronger.


Doctors told him he would not dance for a year on his last visit to North Tees hospital but three months later after hours of training every day, and constantly studying all the different styles that sit under the term street dance his persistence, passion and amazing drive won him a 1st place intermediate  in Peterbrough where I had the pleasure of presenting him with his trophy, I could not of wished this for a nicer lad.


Above: Me presenting Az with his trophy at UDO Event Peterbrough.


After speaking to Az this is what he said to me " you have two choices give up and spend your life wondering what if, or give it your all and say well I give it my best shot." I share these same thoughts as Az but then I have not been through what he has so in reality when he makes this statement for me, it means a hell of lot more.

Az went on to tell me he took a lot of criticism from friends for being the fat kid that wanted to dance, but he said that just gave him more determination to keep going, not to prove anything to them but to prove to himself.

His medical problems will always stay with him, he does need more surgery on his other hip, and is in constant pain with his joints but after speaking with him, seeing him work hard at my workshop, and also performing at this competition, I know as long as he has breath in his body Az will be dancing, he has the passion determination and in my opinion is an inspiration to many others and those of you out there that feel you may never be able to achieve something because thre maybe hurdles in your way, Az is just a great example that you should no matter what do what you want to do, never give up.

I hope and I know Az does also that this article helps other kids out there to realise that if you want something bad enough you can have don't ever give up on a dream. 


My last words to Az are, I may have inspired you and many others on Got To Dance but you have inspired me knowing that you have achieved what you have against the odds, never give up Az and remember, work on your groove! Belle X



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Belle your an inspiration to my pupils and your workshop was amazing.

A.J. Belfast.