About Belle

At the age of 8 Belle attending dance classes in various dance styles in 2009 started learning street dance styles. Belle has gone on to become All England Champion, British Champion, European Hip Hop and World Hip Hop Champion to add to a string of other title wins.

Belle is the national coach for IDS DanceSport School League for Great Britain.

Worked with Disney Performing Arts, Appeared on BBC, ITV, SKY, MTV, Bet106 The Park, performed and choreographed Music Videos, Dance Sets for TV Shows.

Hip Hop was not her first love for dance, she started by attending disco freestyle classes, soon after she was introduced to Ballroom and Latin (Strictly Come Dancing) where she progressed at a rather rapid rate in competitions. In disco freestyle won her way through the grades beginner, intermediate and into champions ship grade within one year. She also had good success with her Ballroom and Latin in competitions but all this changed after she started Street Dance and won her first competition.

The street dance was her choice after being told by her parents you cant do everything as dates clashed and not wanting to let partners down, so Belle had to decide on her own what she wanted to pursue.

So this was it, Street Dance was her focus, she joined a crew at a street dance school and after a short time found herself being placed at the front, the crew made the finals of Alisha Street Dance Stars in 2012. It was back in March 2001 when Belle applied to Sky1 TV Program Got To Dance, thinking nothing more about it months past and then she got that email to say come and audition. She attended the pre auditions, these are auditions you don't see on TV. She then got the phone call to say you have been selected out of 5,400 applicants to perform in front of the judges at the dome.


Dance has always been her first  love, but now taken vocals too.

Belle has been working on her vocals and is continuing to push new boundaries performing covers, working on some remixes and original material.

Acting & Modelling

Belle has undertaken work for Next, H&M, L'Oreal, Little Mix and more

From catwalk modelling to hair modelling, modelling with dance performances, acting in adverts, music videos, feature films.
Having had vast  and varied experience in other areas of the industry Belle has been fortunate to benefit from these experiences.